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Trucking and Tractor Trailer Accidents

$800,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident

$800,000.00 settlement after filing suit.
Tractor Trailer accident - Crushed between two 18 Wheelers (Open reduction, internal fixation (ORIF) surgeries for both broken legs at the knee and a broken left leg at the ankle; a closed reduction for the shoulder dislocation, as well as treatment for his broken right arm, broken ribs and broken vertebra)
A 52 year-old fabricator was crushed and pinned between two tractor trailers, having to be cut out of his car that was embedded in grill of Defendant tractor trailer. After two weeks in the hospital, client was confined to hospital bed in his living room of his home and then wheel chair for approximately five months until his complex fracture healed.
An accident reconstruction expert was retained by Plaintiff’s counsel immediately to secure the event data control (EDC) and electronic control modules (ECM) from his vehicle and the tractor trailer, and in particular, the power train module and airbag control module. According to expert, the extracted data demonstrated Plaintiff’s vehicle was at a roll before being hit from behind by the Defendant tractor trailer and catapulted into the tractor trailer sitting in front of him, bringing Plaintiff’s vehicle to abrupt standstill. This finding helped eliminate any contention that Plaintiff contributed to his own injuries by hitting the tractor trailer in front of him first.
At a pre-lawsuit mediation, $500,000.00 was offered by Defendant tractor trailer before a lawsuit was filed resulting in litigation. Prior to reaching a settlement agreement, Plaintiff’s counsel was able to obtain a $41,391.02 reduction of the total reimbursement amount owed to his employer-sponsored and self-funded health insurance plan in order to maintain his health benefits upon returning to work after 85 weeks of disability.

$225,000.00 Dump Truck Accident

$225,000.00 settlement after lawsuit filed.
(Rotator cuff tear in shoulder resulting in surgery)
Client was driving her vehicle when a waste dump truck changed lanes into her vehicle, causing a wreck. She underwent therapy and eventually had shoulder surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear. Client’s health insurance initially tried to seek reimbursement of $26,000.00 paid to medical providers claiming right of reimbursement; however, an agreement was reached thereby eliminating the entire amount claimed.

$160,000.00 Tractor Trailer/18 Wheeler Rear-Ended Car

(Neck injuries resulting in surgery)
Client was driving on the interstate when he was rear ended by a tractor trailer. He underwent treatment, including a neck decompression and fusion at C5-C6.

$120,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident

$120,000.00 settlement for both husband and wife.
(Husband-neck injury. Wife-neck and back injury, hip injury and hospitalizations due to fluid gathered around heart and lungs)
While traveling to NC to visit family for the holiday, wife stopped their vehicle for stopped traffic ahead when a tractor trailer rear-ended the vehicle behind them, pushing that vehicle into them. The vehicle behind them was pushed off the roadway into a guardrail and clients were pushed into the oncoming traffic lane.

$100,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident

$100,000.00 total settlement at mediation after filing suit.
(Head lacerations with staples and sutures; SLAP tear in right shoulder requiring surgery)
Client was a passenger in a pick-up truck that ran into the back of an 18 Wheeler that had stopped on the highway due to a multi-car pileup on an interstate. Client was able to get out of the truck before another 18-wheeler hit the pick-up truck killing the driver. A lawsuit was filed and the case was settled at mediation before trial.

$60,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident

Tractor Trailer Tow Truck Rear-Ended by 18 Wheeler on Interstate Emergency Lane (Bulging disc of head and neck
Client was slowing in I-77 emergency lane to assist a tractor trailer when he was rear-ended by another tractor trailer. Client treated with an orthopedic doctor and underwent physical therapy.

$50,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident

Tractor Trailer Wheel Hit Pick-up Truck (Injuries to abdomen and neck)
Client was a passenger in a pick-up truck when a wheel dislodged from a broken axle on a tractor trailer driving in the opposite lane of travel and lodged into the engine block and windshield of the pick-up truck, resulting in injuries to client’s neck and back. Client underwent therapy to treat his injuries.

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