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Workers’ Compensation

$325,000.00 Scaffolding Collapse on Construction Site

(Fractured back; displaced fractured leg; injury to knee; fusion from T11-L3 due to L1 burst)
Client retained our firm after another law firm previously represented him without filing any motions for medical benefits. Upon representation, our firm obtained via motions and orders orthopedic mattresses, pillows, walking canes and other medical devices that were contested by the employer. Our firm was also able to obtain an evaluation of his knee that allowed him to obtain a full knee replacement, and consequently, more mobility. After two different mediations, a settlement was reached.

$225,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident While Transporting Load

$225,000.00 settlement after second mediation.
(Fractured left clavicle, shoulder injury and cervical stenosis)
While driving, the vehicle trailer had an equipment failure which caused the truck to cross the centerline and travel off the left side of the road and strike a pole, causing the vehicle to overturn.

$200,000.00 Retail Store Incident

(Rotator cuff tear and regional pain syndrome)
Client was a store manager at a major retailer. As she was carrying a display cabinet through a doorway with another employee, the display caught on the doorway resulting in an immediate burning sensation in her left shoulder. Client ended up having surgical repair to her rotator cuff; however, the pain escalated into her neck and back necessitating pain management. Prior to settling, issues such as the interplay of long-term disability through her company, continued health insurance and set-asides for Medicare had to be resolved so that she did not give up or forgo any benefits. Ultimately, the case was settled at mediation.

$182,500.00 Home Improvement Workplace Injury

(Back injury requiring discectomy and ultimately a fusion)
Client was unloading palm trees when her back pulled requiring surgical intervention, in particular a discectomy and ultimately a fusion. Client had negotiated on her own, but had not agreed to a settlement for $69,500.00 prior to representation. After discussing her case with another law firm that recommended our firm, she retained our firm. Upon representation, our firm was able to obtain a scooter and car attachment to help her maneuver when she goes places that was not part of the previously contemplated settlement agreement. After mediation, a settlement was reached in her case for $182,500.00. An annuity was established that resulted in monthly payments for ten years, at which time she would be eligible for social security full retirement age.

$150,000.00 Unloading of Tractor Trailer Incident

$150,000.00 settlement at second mediation.
(Back injury requiring discectomy)
Client was a tractor trailer/18 wheeler driver. At the time, she had made her delivery and was opening the trailer door for unloading when the cargo/pallets fell back on her causing her to fall to the ground. Client was unable to return to work as a truck driver. Client underwent extensive vocational rehabilitation without any success in finding suitable employment. The case was settled after a second mediation.

$150,000.00 Hit in Head by Industrial Bobbin

$150,000.00 settlement at mediation.
(Closed head injury and post-concussive syndrome resulting in headaches, neck pain, dizziness and incident of loss of consciousness causing concussion and right eye laceration requiring sutures)
Client was sweeping the floor when an industrial bobbin fell off a machine overhead and fell on client, causing head and neck trauma. Client received temporary partial disability benefits under workers’ compensation, which was closed by the employer while client continued to have complaints as a result of the injury. Client applied for and received FMLA leave and was able to temporarily collect short-term disability benefits.

$120,000.00 Fell off Work Truck Hitting Head

(Post-concussion syndrome, migraines and depression)
Client fell off work truck and hit head. Head trauma with a 10% permanent partial impairment rating resulted in long-term prescription management by a neurologist and neurocognitive evaluations and follow ups by a neuropsychologist.

$105,000.00 Hospital Workplace Injury

(Shoulder injury requiring arthroscopic surgery)
Client is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who was attending to a patient while working her rounds. Client tried to assist patient as she lost balance, causing a shoulder injury that required arthroscopic surgery.

$100,000.00 Fall at Warehouse/Manufacturing Center

(Head injury; post concussive syndrome and headaches)
Client fell over a pallet at an assembly type warehouse environment striking her head. Client retained our firm when her medical treatment came to an impasse or stalled. Our firm was successful in obtaining an alternative specialist to manage her head injury and consequential symptoms.

$85,000.00 Nail Penetration of Eye on Construction Site

(Retinal tear of the right eye)
Client while working on a construction site had a nail ricochet from a piece of metal and lodge into his eye. As a result of the nail penetration, a retinal tear occurred as well as proliferative vitreo-retinopathy to his eye requiring surgical repair to save his eye.

$72,500.00 Landscaping/Lawn Mower Incident

(Partial amputation of two fingers)
Client had partial amputation of two fingers as a result of operator error of a commercial lawn mower. Upon hiring our firm, it was determined that his weekly compensation benefits since he had been out of work were under paid. A recalculation was performed. The underpayments were issued and the newly revised wages were paid weekly until a settlement was reached at mediation. In addition, prosthetics were obtained for both fingers after being retained.

Client Reviews

Devin Law Firm always provided the answers to my questions and the guidance I needed during the 2 years we worked together. I never felt like they didn’t have my best interest in mind. I’m glad I had their direction because I don’t know where I’d have been without their team.

- Connie S.

My husband and I had a great experience with the Devin Law Firm. Mr. Devin handled our worker's comp case with expertise. He and his staff were professional, but easy to talk with! Great experience!!!

- Brianav V.

The lawyer William J. Devin, III is an excellent lawyer, very professional and ethical, always willing to seek the best for his clients; I am very pleased that he is interested in his Hispanic clients because he does everything possible to learn Spanish so that he can speak directly with us for our...

- Griselda R.

Mr Devin was able to get the results I wanted. His experience and willingness to go the extra mile, and not be bullied by adjusters or 3rd party reps is what really stood out to me, and I'm glad I had his firm by my side during the process.

- Glenn

I would highly recommend The Devin Law Firm to my family and friends or anyone in need of legal assistance. They treated me with the outmost respect, kept me informed throughout the process and remained very professional at all times. They worked diligently and relentlessly in my case to achieve the...

- Nayda M.

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