Premises Liability

$150,000.00 settlement. Premises Liability-Slip & Fall (head Injury)

An establishment failed to keep the floors safe and free from slippery substances, in particular water, and further failed to warn persons that said floor was wet and unsafe when they knew or should have known. As a result, client fell, hitting her head on the floor. Client sustained some cognitive effects due to the fall based upon neurological examinations.

$125,000.00 settlement after court approval. Premises Liability-Negligent supervision/2 ½ month old suffocated (Wrongful death)

A 2 ½ month old child was accidentally smothered as a caretaker co-bedded with the child, rolling over and falling asleep on the child. An estate was set up to receive the funds. The case was settled subject to approval by the court.

$75,000.00 settlement. Premises Liability-Go-cart wreck at amusement park (neck and back injuries as well as headaches)

Client was operating a go-cart at a local amusement park when another patron slammed into the back of her go cart in the unloading/loading area without proper supervision by attendants. Client underwent therapy and injections as a result of her neck and back injuries.

$50,000.00 settlement after lawsuit filed. Premises Liability-Collapsed swing display at big box retail store (neck disc protrusion at C6-7 resulting in surgery)

In-store display swing collapsed and tipped 70 year-old client backward on neck. After filing suit and resolving the Medicare lien in order to preserve client’s long-term Medicare benefits, the case settled