Wrongful Death

$1,000,000.00 settlement. Intersection wreck-Failure to stop at stop sign (Wrongful Death)

A 47 year-old shift manager (Decedent) drove his pick-up truck into an intersection on US 15-501 outside of Pine Hurst, NC when an SUV coming in the opposite direction on US 15-501 was T-boned by a medical transport van that failed to stop for a stop sign controlling the subordinate intersecting roadway at US 15-501. This initial impact caused the SUV to go airborne and land on top of Decedent’s pick-up truck resulting in his death.

Decedent was not married and never had children. Despite not having any dependents and upon an estate being opened with the assistance of our office, a wrongful death action was pursued under N.C.G.S. §28A-18-2 on behalf of Decedent’s parents. Our offices retained an economic expert to prove the present monetary value of the net income of decedent as delineated by statute.

An excess insurance policy was discovered in addition to the primary insurance policy that covered the medical transport van.

$600,000.00 total settlement after lawsuit and two mediations; $500,000.00 bar, $100,000.00 at-fault boater. Boat Crash/DWI/Dramshop action [over serving at a bar](Wrongful death)

Decedent was operating a boat on the lake when another boater failed to yield the right of way, according to the rules of the water way, resulting in his death. The at-fault boater had a blood alcohol over two and one-half times the legal limit. The at-fault boater had been served drinks at a bar immediately before operating the boat when the bar knew or should have known that he was noticeably impaired. The at-fault driver’s insurance paid all available coverage. The bar contested liability on the grounds that the decedent contributed to his injuries by consuming enough alcohol to have a blood alcohol content just short of the legal limit and that the at-fault boater was not legally impaired. A settlement was reached after two mediations.

All available insurance coverage obtained. Head on collision (Wrongful death)

Minor was a passenger in a car that crossed over the double yellow line and slid into the path of another vehicle. An estate was set up by our firm upon reaching settlement terms in order to receive the wrongful death distributions.

$125,000.00 settlement after court approval. Premises-Liability-Negligent supervision/2 ½ month old suffocated (Wrongful death)

A 2 ½ month old child was accidentally smothered as a caretaker co-bedded with the child, rolling over and falling asleep on the child. An estate was set up to receive the funds. The case was settled subject to approval by the court.