Case Results

We pride ourselves in only listing cases in which William J. Devin III served as lead or co-lead counsel. Many law firms advertise results secured by attorneys to whom a case was referred. Every result below reflects the outcome of a case personally handled by Mr. Devin. The following is a partial list of some of the results we have achieved for our clients over the years. This list does not constitute a promise or guarantee of any particular result in any particular case. Each case was handled and resolved on its own merit, and the outcome of any particular case cannot be predicted by any lawyer's or law firm's past results.

Unless otherwise specified, each of the following matters was contested on liability and/or damages, the opposing parties were represented, the matters involved complex legal and/or factual issues, and the law firm was successful in collecting the amounts stated. The matters cover the timeframe from 2005 to the present:

$1,000,000.00 settlement.  Intersection wreck-Failure to stop at stop sign (Wrongful Death)

$800,000.00 settlement after filing suit.  Tractor Trailer accident-Crushed between two 18 Wheelers (open reduction, internal fixation (ORIF) surgeries for both broken legs at the knee and a broken left leg at the ankle, a closed reduction for the shoulder dislocation, as well as treatment for his broken right arm, broken ribs and broken vertebra )

$600,000.00 total settlement after lawsuit and two mediations; $500,000.00 bar, $100,000.00 at-fault boater. Boat crash/DWI/dramshop action [over serving at a bar] (Wrongful death)

$500,000.00 total settlement for both husband and wife. (All available insurance coverage tendered for bodily injury and property damage. ) Rollover car accident-Husband and wife (Husband-extensive scarring to both hands, back and face; fractured left hand and index finger; 3% disability rating to neck) (Wife-fractured right middle, ring and small finger; AC separation of right shoulder; 5% impairment rating to right hand; hypertrophic scarring to right foot require cast boot )

$400,000.00 total settlement. Pedestrian assisting disabled vehicle - Collision caused client to be pinned between 2 vehicles (comminuted fracture of right fibular/knee, crescentic right lateral tibial plateau fracture, displaced left foot fractures and multiple lacerations and contusions )

$350,000.00 settlement via pre-suit mediation under NCGS §58-3-33. Car Accident-Head-on collision (fractured left arm/humerus, left rotator cuff laceration requiring surgery )

$325,000.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Scaffolding collapse on construction site (fractured back; displaced fractured leg; injury to knee; fusion from T11-L3 due to L1 burst )

$300,000.00 total settlement after filing suit. Pedestrian accident (fractured leg, ankle and hip requiring surgery)

All available insurance coverage obtained. Head-on collision (Wrongful death)

$260,000.00 settlement as result of pre-suit mediation under NCGS §58-3-33. Head-on collision (3 fractured ribs, multiple fractures to right elbow and arm, brain laceration and contusion, injuries to pancreas and lung, resulting in hypoxemia and traumatic hernia )

$225,000.00 settlement at after second mediation. Workers’ Compensation-Tractor Trailer accident while transporting load (fractured left clavicle, shoulder injury and cervical stenosis)

$225,000.00 settlement after lawsuit filed. Dump Truck accident (rotator cuff tear in shoulder resulting in surgery)

$200,000.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Retail store incident (rotator cuff tear and regional pain syndrome)

$182,500.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Home Improvement workplace injury (back injury requiring discectomy and ultimately a fusion)

$180,000.00 total settlement with court approval. Car wreck-Infant passenger rear-ended on interstate (craniotomy subdural drainage and hemorrhaging)

$169,500.00 settlement with at-fault liability insurance carrier. Hotel Shuttle Accident-Workers’ Compensation Injury (torn rotator cuff resulting in surgery)

$160,000.00 settlement. Tractor Trailer/18 wheeler rear-ended car (neck injuries resulting in surgery) Client was driving on the interstate when he was rear ended by a tractor trailer. He underwent treatment, including a neck decompression and fusion at C5-C6.

$150,000.00 settlement. Premises Liability-Slip & Fall (head Injury)

$150,000.00 settlement at second mediation. Workers’ Compensation-Unloading of Tractor Trailer Incident (back injury requiring discectomy)

$150,000.00 settlement at mediation. Workers’ Compensation-Hit in head by industrial bobbin (closed head injury and post-concussive syndrome resulting in headaches, neck pain, dizziness and incident of loss of consciousness causing concussion and right eye laceration requiring sutures )

$135,000.00 total settlement: $100,000.00 UM policy limits on disabled vehicle, $30,000.00 UM policy limits on client’s auto policy, $5,000.00 medical payments coverage on disabled vehicle. Pedestrian Hit & Run Accident (fractured clavicle, fractured left arm/humerus, chest injury and shoulder surgery )

$125,000.00 settlement after court approval. Premises Liability-Negligent supervision/2 ½ month old suffocated (Wrongful death)

$120,000.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Fell off work truck hitting head (post-concussion syndrome, migraines and depression)

$105,000.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Hospital workplace injury (shoulder injury requiring arthroscopic surgery)

$100,000.00 total settlement at mediation after filing suit. Tractor Trailer accident (head lacerations with staples and sutures; SLAP tear in right shoulder requiring surgery)

$100,000.00 settlement. Motorcycle accident (fractured left arm and scarring to hand, arm and shoulder)

$100,000.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Fall at warehouse/manufacturing center (head injury; post concussive syndrome and headaches)

$100,000.00 settlement. Car wreck (aggravation of existing back injury requiring surgery and fusion)

$100,000.00 settlement. Car Accident-Hit by Impaired Driver (DWI) (Lisfranc injury to right mid-foot requiring surgery)

$100,000.00 settlement. Car accident (retina in eye detached after impact requiring surgical repair)

$100,000.00 settlement after lawsuit filed. Hit & Run roll-over car accident (head injury)

$100,000.00 settlement. Car accident (fractured clavicle a/k/a collar bone)

$100,000.00 total settlement from liability and underinsured motorist carriers. Car accident (neck and back strain resulting in injury to distal superficial femoral artery and a psydoaneurysm requiring surgery to resection both )

$85,000.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Nail penetration of eye on construction site (retinal tear of the right eye)

$80,000 settlement. Car wreck (concussion/brain injury, neck and chest pain)

$75,000.00 settlement. Premises Liability-Go-cart wreck at amusement park (neck and back injuries as well as headaches)

$72,500.00 settlement. Workers’ Compensation-Landscaping/lawn mower incident (partial amputation of two fingers)

$69,000.00 arbitration award. Car wreck (left shoulder rotator cuff tear)

$60,000.00 settlement. Tractor Trailer tow truck rear-ended by 18 Wheeler on interstate emergency lane (bulging disc, head and neck)

$55,000.00 total settlement. Head-on collision (right hip, pelvis, abdomen, rib cage, neck, back, headaches)

$50,000.00 award upheld on appeal. School bus/city bus/car wreck (soft tissue injuries to neck and back)

$50,000.00 settlement. Motorcycle accident (fractured left collar bone and injuries to right knee)

$50,000.00 settlement for all available insurance coverage. Moped hit by Pick-up Truck (left arm 16 stitches, pelvic fracture, degloving wound to thigh )

$50,000.00 settlement after lawsuit filed. Premises Liability-Collapsed swing display at big box retail store (neck disc protrusion at C6-7 resulting in surgery)

$50,000.00 total settlement. Car accident (fractured clavicle and lacerated ear requiring sutures)

$50,000.00 settlement. Car wreck (fractured left arm)

$50,000.00 settlement. Tractor Trailer wheel hit pick-up truck (injuries to abdomen and neck)

$45,000.00 settlement requiring court approval for minor. Car accident (3 avulsed or broken/fractured teeth-displaced front two teeth and incisor tooth 7 )

$40,000.00 settlement. Car accident (right knee meniscal tear)

$40,000.00 settlement after filing suit. Rear-end accident (bulging disk in back resulting in surgery)